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Teeth Extraction

Lack of focus, Discomfort, Irritable Actions, Pain & Loss of Appetite. These are obvious consequences of a toothache. A single tooth could lead you to unimaginable pain! And the wish of having this bad tooth be removed is non-negotiable.

We believe in the saying, “For every problem, there is a solution”; and since we consider this troublesome toothache a problem, the solution is on its way. At Dr. Paul M. Blank, one of the only Medicaid dentist in South West Michigan, the solution is possible!

Tooth extraction

Tooth extraction is a kind of dental practice wherein a tooth is removed from its socket in the bone. Candidates for this procedure are those people who are in the torment of severe tooth decay and/or infection, having impacted wisdom tooth, blocked incoming teeth because of excess teeth, critical gum disease, cracked teeth and having teeth on broken line.

There is also what we consider types of extraction that depends on the visibility of the tooth on the mouth. Simple extraction is done if the tooth can be seen obviously in the mouth while surgical extraction is applied for unseen tooth. Unseen tooth may have cracked off at the gum line or it is also possible that they have not appeared yet. On this instance, cutting and pulling back of the gums is necessary.

Extraction may sound scary but if it is the best and the only possible way to relieve an even more painful toothache, who would not go for it? The question is to whom would you trust the treatment of your pearly-whites? Forget those doubts! With the help of our Medicaid dentist, Dr. Paul M. Blank, achieving a beautiful healthy smile is within your reach! Come to the favorite dentist in Three Rivers, MI, Dr. Paul M. Blank and feel the difference!

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