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Oral Surgery

Some people, when they hear the word surgery, they think of the alarming hospital scenery. Doctors with their complete operation attires- masks, gloves, hairnets, lab gowns, etc. To add up, blinding lights focused on your face. Well, some of the descriptions may match but in the field of dentistry, oral surgery is done without putting the clients into such situation with a huge percentage of inconvenience.

Oral surgery, which is commonly known as “Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery”, is a branch of medicine that focuses on fixing problems on mouth, teeth and jaw areas. The widely known type of oral surgery is tooth extraction. There are many reasons why a client needs to undergo an extraction. The primary reason because of impacted wisdom tooth that results not just to swelling and pain but also the infection of the gum tissue around the impacted wisdom tooth. A worst result could be the formation of tumors or cysts that could damage the jaw section.

Since oral surgery is also concerned with the repair of jaw areas, jaw surgery is performed by an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. Common reason for undergoing a jaw surgery could be a fractured jaw, broken facial bone, TMJ disorders, facial infections and incorrect jaw position.

After oral surgery, your next goal should be your recovery. Choosing the right dentist for this kind of operation really matters. Paul M. Blank, D.D.S, the best among the other Three Rivers dentists, provides his clients with post operative instructions that would help them prevent the risk of infection to the location where the surgery has been done. Being not an ordinary Medicaid dentist, Paul M. Blank, D.D.S., always aims for fast and best recovery of his clients.

Paul M. Blank, D.D.S. is a Three Rivers dentist that has an expertise not only on oral surgery but also to offering his clients the best personalized care possible! Of course, you may have your other list of Three Rivers dentists but a proven service from Paul M. Blank, D.D.S. would lead you to his very own dental clinic. Visit him for free consultation today!

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