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Partial Dentures

We have all lost a tooth or two at one point in our lives. Some of us still remember the embarrassment attached to every single moment we smiled. No matter how white, straight or even your teeth may be, if you don’t have a complete set of them your smile will surely be ruined.
But don’t live your whole life worrying about people seeing gaps in your teeth. Here at Dr. Paul Blank’s office, he can give you partial dentures to replace your missing teeth and give you back your smile.

What are Partial Dentures?

A partial denture is a type of prosthesis that can be worn and removed by a person conveniently. It makes use of pink colored plastic bases which are attached to replacement teeth. The dentures are further secured by metal clasps or precision attachments connected to your natural teeth. Partial dentures are worn to replace and perform the function of the missing tooth or teeth. They become necessary when preventing the neighboring teeth from gradually moving in and occupying the gaps, something which can cause misalignment and bad bites. They can also assist in chewing food better and improving your speech.

Dentists recommend partial dentures for patients who cannot have a bridge because of a variety of reasons such as lack of support from neighboring teeth. A person who has chosen this treatment simply wears the dentures and fits the replacement teeth in the missing teeth’s place.

Oral Hygiene with Partial Dentures

Brushing after every meal and flossing is a staple in oral health. But with partial dentures, it helps to pay special attention especially to the teeth that are under the denture’s clasps. Clean them thoroughly and ensure that they are free from bacteria build up or signs of gum problems. Tooth decay can become a possibility with partial dentures as plaque can be trapped under the metal clasps. Hence, it is important to clean and check on all your teeth every day.

Partial dentures are your answer for missing teeth and a complete smile. And for your partial denture needs, we strongly encourage you to visit our dentist, Dr. Paul Blank one of the best Three Rivers dentists and Medicaid dentists in the area. The caliber of his services makes him a great Three Rivers dentist that clients just love to go to for any of their dental needs. A Medicaid dentist in Michigan and an expert in general dentistry, you can assure yourself that you are in good hands with Dr. Paul Blank.

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