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Dental Bridges

“One seat apart.” This is the common joke to a person referring to his/her visible empty space everytime he/she smiles. Just a three-word statement but it really hurts. That’s why some people try to control their supposed to be laughing-out-loud expressions to keep themselves away from shame. How sad. Gone are the days of hiding! Angels were sent from heaven in the form of gentle and exceptional Three Rivers dentist, Dr. Paul M. Blank! Dr Blank offers a modern procedure known as dental bridges.

Dental bridges are normally needed to close the gaps that the lost teeth have left. These are artificial teeth planted into space formerly occupied by the missing teeth. Dental bridges utilize the pontic and two abutments. The pontic is the fake tooth while the abutments are the natural teeth found before and after the vacant space. Sometimes dental bridges can fall out because of a dental infection that has affected the area beneath the bridge, although they do last for a long time. Therefore, oral hygiene really must be observed. Another reminder, clients who undergone dental bridge procedure should regularly brush and floss their teeth because these cannot be removed.

Achieving a natural looking and genuine smile is very much possible with dental bridges. Truly, this procedure is the best solution to expose again those pearly whites with confidence! No one other clinic could have done a better job in taking care of clients than Paul M. Blank, D.D.S does, making him one of the well-known Three Rivers dentists! Prove to yourself the chance of gaining back your self-confidence and experience it in the hands of our Three Rivers dentist!

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