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Dentist in St. Joseph MI


Oral health is a reflection of wealth and innate joy. Combat tooth-decay related tooth loss by making your right choice of dental care treatment a potential community priority needs often missed look! Address local access issues of dental health. We are within your reach! Dr. Paul M. Blank, your expert St. Joseph Dentist of Choice, is just a phone call away.

We help increase your access of low-income rates with health insurance. Just like choosing root canal treatment as an option of tooth saving tip versus tooth extraction. Wear a natural close up smile as you pass by shoreline of great west lakes and deep water port; the Riviera of the Midwest Michigan. We offer cheap rates dental care at pace with your low cost of living and fare!

We are on oral health mission, appraise you oral health standard and make us your reason! Choose RIGHT, smile BRIGHT!

  • Shy away your tar tar, discoloration and plaque with a cheap rate dental cleaning service! Say good bye to a bad breath sigh!
  • Choose the finest dental fill to make your chip tooth feel fulfill!
  • Let your achy-breaky tooth go, a priceless smile grow and an inner beauty glow! We make easy tooth extract in a gentle quick wrap up.

We commit to enliven a dare for a gentle and a 100% patient satisfaction goal of oral care. Keep a healthy lifetime smilestones with us in St. Joseph, MI area. A healthier life starts NOW! Contact Us at 269-279-5278 for FREE CONSULTATION!

We target to fulfill our company goals that focus on individualized patient oral health care. With more than 25 years of expert knowledge, skills, and practice, Dr. Paul M. Blank is always ready to help give you the confident smile and transcend your inner beauty through a healthy mouth without doubt. Let us be your Excellent Choice!

In order to attain our company goals, we offer FREE CONSULTATION and focus on oral health tailored to each patient’s needs. Backed by more than 25 years of experience, Dr. Paul M. Blank is always ready to help give you the smile that you’ve always dreamed of, one that glows with confidence and divulges your inner beauty.

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