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Cosmetic Dentist in Three Rivers MI

Is it possible to combine science and art? Nowadays, yes. In different fields of our daily lives, we see science and art working hand in hand. We could also see this partnership in one branch of medicine known as cosmetic dentistry. People are becoming unsatisfied to mere solutions. They seek for more artistic solutions so to speak.

Just like in dentistry, people are not contented to have their teeth saved from decay or fracture, they want more. We dream for that perfect smile! Well, we may not know where to go, but certainly, they should be looking for the best Three Rivers dentist none other than Paul M. Blank, D.D.S.

Dr. Paul M. Blank provides his Three Rivers clients with the following cosmetic dental services:

Dental Bonding

Put behind your worry on tooth discoloration, decay and unevenness. Dental bonding provides the best solution by putting thin coating that is being exposed to high density light and when hardened, gives your teeth a natural and ever-charming look!

Dental Crowns

Welcome to the perfect smile you’ve always wanted! With these crowns, no one would notice your covered teeth! Dental crowns preserve the function of your teeth while bringing you much needed comfort from the previous damage to the tooth prior to the crown.

Dental Bridges

Losing one or more teeth is no longer a misery. Dental implants offer you the same appearance as the rest of your natural teeth and function just like them too! For a maximum of 15 years, forget suffering as implants are very reliable.


This is the ideal solution to those with wide-spaced teeth. Veneers give a natural look to the teeth by concealing the gaps. They are absolutely painless!

Teeth Whitening

Who does not want white teeth? Of course we all want it! Teeth whitening requires an application of whitening gel that after exposing to laser light, activates its whitening chemical. Pearly-white teeth are really achievable with this procedure.

Why look for other Three Rivers dentists? Now that you’ve seen what the best Three Rivers dentist could provide you, what are you waiting for? The dream of a perfect smile is within your reach! Visit us at Paul M. Blank, D.D.S. to realize your dreams of having perfect white teeth!

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