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Dental Crowns

“Oh my! They’re gonna see my embarrassing teeth.” “I’m so frustrated of how my teeth look.” Well, enough of these self-pity statements. At the heart of the South West Michigan area lies Paul M. Blank, D.D.S that could help you recover that lost self-confidence. Being one of the only Medicaid dental provider in the Three Rivers, MI Area, we would like to present to you our dental restoration procedure to reshape, restore, strengthen and improve your teeth’s appearance- dental crowns!

What is dental crown and what does it serve for?

A dental crown, also known as “tooth cap”, protects a weak tooth from decaying and breaking. A crown holds together part of a fractured tooth. Dental crowns wrap and support a tooth with a large filling if there is not a lot of tooth present. Dental crowns resemble the rest of your teeth and work just like them also. It improves your teeth appearance caused by stains and decay.

Are dental crowns safe to use?

Dental crowns are made of non-hazardous materials that will not cause harm to your body and adversely affect your well being.

How long does the dental crown process take?

Depending on how many teeth you would like to be crowned, the procedure itself is carried out in two stages. Obviously, it would take a little longer if you are having several teeth crowned than a single tooth.

How long does a crown last for?

Dental crowns are built to last for a long time, maximum of 15 years. But of course, regular dental checkups are needed to achieve its utmost stability.

We aim for total client fulfillment for our Three Rivers Area clients! Recover your self-assurance by wearing that striking smile! If you are looking for a Three Rivers dentist to answer your unanswered questions, we are very much looking to hear from you. You may visit us for free dental consultations at Paul M. Blank, D.D.S., and get the best Three Rivers dental services offered!

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